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Common Man Triangular Rulers

Common Man Triangular Rulers  -  Customized with your logo

Description: The Common Man Triangular Ruler is a truly handy ruler for any office. It features common calibrations used on a daily basis, including inches, centimeters, millimeters & even a center-finder - all on one product! The 3 sides provide multiple logo locations for your brand, web address, and taglines.


Color:  silver, gold, red, blue, black, green and purple


Packaging:  Individual poly sleeve bag.  Optional: Clear plastic rectangular tube with tab.


Imprinting:  Photo Anodized. Heat Set Silkscreen available for rush orders.  Imprinting available on all 3 sides.  Vector art is required


Email for Pricing to sales@admagic.com.  Please put "Ruler Pricing Request" in subject line.

Code                 Description                                                 Calibrations

4330                  12" Common Man 3-sided Ruler                    Inches, centimeters, millimeters, center-finder, metric conversion table


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